On Sabbatical

Hello Lovelies,

For those of you keeping up with the blog, it won’t be any news to you that I’ve been quite sporadic in the amount of posts. I’ve been very busy with my internship and house responsibilities, but more than anything I’m tired, and weary and growing. God has been teaching me quite a bit, and the amount of internal retrospection and processing leaves me without much to share on the blog.

I hope to be able to return with vigor, but for now I have a few other projects I need to pour myself into. With that, I’ll leave you with a few images from the past week, and the promise to come back soon.

xoxo, Michaela

In Nashville at Centennial Park with my sister, Megan.

Look at her beautiful journals! You can check out her website here, or her etsy here. I loved spending the weekend with her.

About to go ‘funyaking’ at North Saluda!

Here’s something to read while I’m ‘away’: http://bravegirlsclub.com/archives/2151


3 thoughts on “On Sabbatical

  1. Hmmm.. this time I didn’t wonder why you were away. I knew you were busy with your internship and other stuff. Its only obvious that you need time to catch your breath after all that you’ve been doing. But do return with a bang! Happy vacationing (from blog).

  2. Hey Michaela, how are you? You’ve gone a very long time. Do get back soon or let us know when you are getting back. Hope things are going good at your end. Be safe and happy.

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