Fresh Fare From the Farm

I think I may have a problem with alliteration. . . using it in excess, that is 😉

These past two weeks, I have been bringing home a stunning amount of beautiful, nutritious, fresh-from-the-field food from my internship at Greenbrier Farms. They make sure that everyone working gets to partake in the bounty of the harvest, and it’s contributed to nearly all of my meals being at least 50% local (some of them 100%)! I love eating food that I know I had a hand in harvesting, washing, and packaging earlier that week or even that morning!

These were some of my goodies last week:

That loaf of bread? GARLIC ROSEMARY! DIVINE.

This week, Roddy, one of the owners, told me to just go out in the garden before you leave and pick some of what you want . . . you know what’s out there and ready, you’re in it everyday. Isn’t food the whole point?

Why thank you sir, I believe I will! And, I believe it is!

Farm fresh eggs and crunchy yet smooth and buttery lettuce? Yes please!

This lettuce reminds me of a buttercrunch, but better! It is called kwik, I think. I used it in southwestern style lettuce wraps, and the eggs in mini, personalized frittatas. YUM!

What are some of your favorite recipes with foods in season now? 

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7 thoughts on “Fresh Fare From the Farm

  1. Sounds like a pretty awesome gig you got going on! And that bread…I might be found sitting in the corner with an entire loaf…and tons of butter 🙂

    Carrots are a great staple. You can eat them raw, use them as aromatics or bake them into cookies!

    I am loving chard right now. Here is a recipe I have made that is a big winner!

    I have never heard of kwik before, but I love butter lettuce…so I will be on the lookout for that. Thanks for sharing!

    I would love for you to join my CSA link party… Hope to see you there!

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  3. Wow! How awesome is all that fresh, delicious food?!? I am jealous of those farm fresh eggs, seriously! 🙂 I wouldn’t mind if you mosied on over and shared some! Haha! Thanks so much for joining us for the Living Green link-up. I love seeing others enjoy homegrown, homemade yumminess!

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