Summer Strength Strategy

Since school ended, I have not been intentional about exercise. Being on the farm, I’m  usually pretty apathetic about working out when I get back, and end up simply snacking, reading, resting, and lazing around. All of which are great things, since this is summer and I am working, and rest is very needed.

I was recently inspired by two of my favorite bloggers, both of which are named Angela! (Funny coincidence, they’re both Canadian too 😉 ) Angela over at Eat, Spin, Run, Repeat sets monthly goals for herself, and checks in near the end of the month to see how she’s done. She also has workout plans that she follows, something that I need to be much more intentional about. I typically just go to our Physical Activities Center and do whatever I feel like. Some days, this results in a great workout where nearly every muscle’s been used. Other days, I get there and am unsure of what to do, or what I need to rest from a previous day’s workout.

Angela from Oh She Glows  recently posted about her yoga routine. She’s a runner, but because of an injury has been focusing more on yoga to give her body time to heal. She’s been doing a variety of yoga classes (hot yoga, yoga with weights, spin yoga) about four times a week!

In high school, I practiced yoga regularly, about 1-2x a week. I loved how flexible I was, and how strong I felt in my own body. I haven’t done yoga with any routine for about a year, but I’d like to start again.

For the summer, I’m going to outline a plan to continue improving my physical fitness: my endurance, strength, and flexibility. Last semester, I was running about 25 miles a week and I felt fantastic–strong, full of energy, and very de-stressed. When it got cold out, I cut back on running and increased my time in the weight room. I haven’t really returned to running with any regularity, and my weight routine lacks substance and measurable progress.

To improve/maintain my fitness, I’ve made a loose plan with enough structure to keep me accountable but enough flexibility  for allowances.

Weekly Fitness Plan: 
Running/Cycling 15 miles
Practicing Yoga 3x a week, for at least 20 minutes each time
Lift weights 2x a week, with a record of the exercises I do to track my progress

I have two goals to be completed before school starts up again:
1) Train for and Run a Race (5K or half marathon)
2)Do a pull-up (without assistance!)

I think my fitness plan will definitely help me in completing these two goals!

Do you plan out your workouts? 

Are you planning any changes for the summer? 


5 thoughts on “Summer Strength Strategy

  1. Aww I’m so happy that I could inspire you Michaela! It sounds like you’ve got a great mix of activities in your fitness routine, and I know you can do this. Good luck with your race training too. Although I run regularly, racing is something I certainly DON’T do regularly, so I’m planning to do 2 this summer. I’ll be thinking of you when I’m training!

    • Thanks for the comment, Angela! You definitely did inspire me–I have your blog bookmarked and I check it every day. I’m excited about finding a race that is a good fit for me, and training for it. It’ll be the first ‘real’ race (outside of track in high school) that I’ve done!

  2. I’m yet to resume my physical exercise routine after getting back from the trip. Too much cleaning up and getting back to work. Good thing you’ve started your new routine. Do keep tabs here, I guess it helps with being regular 🙂
    BTW I don’t think I can do a pull up in this life. But I’ll make sure I have such impossible goals just to get me going. Like doing complete pushups (not the half that I do right now). Can you do them?

    • I can do push-ups, though not too many at a time. Right now I have two favorites, both of which can be modified by doing them on your knees!

      For the first one, I take a Bosu ball (the things that look like a swiss ball cut in half), balance the ball part down, and do pushups grabbing the handles.

      For the other one, I take 10 lb weights and do pushups, then pull them up towards me.

      It’s hard to explain, but this shows it pretty well:

      • Hey Michaela,
        I can do pushups on my knees, but I want to learn to do it on my toes. I feel my arms are too weak. Sigh!
        I’ve decided to get weights once I get a flat tummy. Like an incentive 😛 Still working on it. Thanks for the vid, will check it out.

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