My First Taste

Travelers, yesterday I sampled some of the local cuisine. For the first time in over four years, I had a taste of meat.

Crazy, huh? It was chicken, and just a bite at Greenbrier. Since I’m working there, I get to see how the chickens live, and sometime this month I may get to see how they die. They live like chickens–skittish and slightly stupid, but seemingly happy out on the pasture.

I’ll have to post a series soon on my reasons for eating vegetarian, vegan, and now being open to some good farm raised animal flesh. Even eating it, I don’t think I’ll ever prepare meat for myself. Maybe when it is offered to me on the farm, or when I’m with my sister preparing her chickens, or if my other sister cooks some quality meat from the farmer’s market to share with the family . . .  But it isn’t something I particularly want.

I actually only ate about a third of the chicken showing here, if that.

It tasted fine, nothing spectacular or anything I felt like I needed. And even though I only had a bite, I felt slightly sick to my stomach about an hour after. I guess my body wasn’t acclimated to it yet.

When I got to the farm, we headed out to harvest some more spinach for the CSA that was going out yesterday. Much of my day yesterday was bagging and prepping for the CSA. I got to leave early, which was nice! I’ve been working hard, and haven’t been working out. By the time I get back to the house, I’m usually super tired. Yesterday, though, since I was done early I got to walk around the farm a bit. It was great to get a whole picture of it, and appreciate it for what it is–beautiful. I’ve been so enmeshed in washing greens, I feel like I haven’t been outside beyond the morning harvesting.

Be excited for tomorrow! I have a super tasty dish to share with you that I’m preparing for some friends tonight.

Are you particular about where your meat comes from? 


6 thoughts on “My First Taste

    • No, not really. The photo I posted was also of a laying hen, so it wasn’t one of the meat chickens.

      It could have been very strange. I don’t know why it wasn’t, but I expect it was because I now feel a great responsibility for the way I eat and understand the gravity and weight of eating certain foods. I feel like I have a great respect for those animals, and did not take that taste callously.

  1. As a child it really bothered me when our mom took the chickens to be butchered, but as an adult I don’t have the same emotional attachment to the chicken’s I’ve raised. I like them and enjoy watching them and even petting them sometimes, but they don’t have names and while I’m not sure I would have the stomach to prepare them myself, I don’t think it would bother me to eat them. They have such a good life here that I think knowing that would make it easier to accept the fact that you are eating something that was running around the yard earlier.

    In response to the question posed about being particular on where the meat comes from: Yes! Well, I wish we could be really choosy, but because of financial reasons we really aren’t. So instead, we are taking baby steps to be more responsible about the meat and food in general we are eating. For example, we are growing a garden and raising some chickens (for their eggs)! In the future we might expand to have a few cows, maybe a few pigs? On the other hand, maybe not because I think I would get attached emotionally to the bigger animals…

    • Baby steps are so great. I’m so excited about your garden and your chickens! Everything helps. And I understand about the emotional attachment to chickens versus larger animals–chickens aer kind of dumb animals and hard to bond with, haha!

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