First Day on Farm (2)

So, yesterday I finished with my visit to the hogs. Afterwards, we cleaned the onions we’d just picked.

Even though I’d had my super duper delicious breakfast, I was ravenous by 10:00. I’m going to have to eat more in the mornings before I go to work! I ate lunch at one after washing several batches of spinach and salad mix. Throughout the course of the day, I think I washed about 60 pounds. This was my view at lunch:

For lunch, I had brought some food because I wasn’t sure what the situation would be. I ended up eating some food Amy, one of the owners, prepared, as well as everything I had brought! It was a hungry, food-filled day yesterday. This is the quinoa dish they prepared, and it was sooooo tasty.

Roddy, another owner, showed me several of the meat products they’ve made, including some sausages. I told him If I eat meat this month, it will be the first time in over four years. He was quite excited that I’m open to trying some Greenbrier meat! I am completely comfortable with the way the animals live and are cared for. Ten minutes after this conversation, a concerned Amy came to tell me that she didn’t know I was vegetarian, and that the delicious quinoa dish had their chicken stock in it. Probably the best way to get my system acclimated, I assured her.

After lunch consisted of more washing and packaging!

 All in all, it was a great first day. It wore me out though–I was exhausted and ready for more food by the time I got home.

xoxo Michaela.

What’s the most satisfying thing you’ve done this week? 

Are the farmer’s markets in your area getting started?


10 thoughts on “First Day on Farm (2)

  1. Hello Michaela! What beautiful pictures and inspirational writing! It makes me want to make myself a big salad. The best thing I did for myself this week was rest every day after work because I’m trying to recover from a sinus infection I’ve had for two weeks! It’s hard to keep me down but I have to rest in order to get better. In my area, the farmer’s markets are just starting up so I’m looking forward to visiting them soon. I’m also looking forward to starting our garden soon and enjoying some fresh produce all summer long.
    Does the farm give you any recipes? The salad you ate there looks delicious! Maybe you can share a recipe or two occasionally!

  2. Michaela, it’s so inspiring to see you take great part of preparing healthy foods that hundreds of families will enjoy.

    You should be so proud of yourself!

    Your pictures make me want to eat a HUGE salad now : )

    • It was so neat–going back the the house I’m living in, a visitor had purchased some of the onions I had picked, cleaned, and packaged. Being a part of the process and actually encountering someone that the food is going to was an ‘ah ha!’ moment.

      And, go enjoy a nice big salad!

  3. Doing what you love brings satisfaction at the end of the day. Looking at your dirtied hands and soiled clothes, you smile that you were able to do what you wanted. I’m so happy for you M. God bless!

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