Eating Well and Exercising . . .On Vacation

Fellow pilgrims, I journeyed this past extended weekend to a friend’s home in North Carolina for Easter Break.

And unfortunately for me, this post . . . isn’t about how I ate well and exercised on vacation. Because I didn’t. I grazed mindlessly throughout the day, ate when I wasn’t hungry, and didn’t do anything physically active. Not once! And it’s ok to have weekends like that. It’s ok to take a break, and eat foods you don’t usually eat, and lay around like a slob relax on breaks. It is especially ok to take a break from exercising, as I’ve mentioned before. But what isn’t ok is to feel bad about it, or feel unsettled because you’re not controlling your meal times or meal components.

What I didn’t do but could have done better: thought about the weekend ahead with a plan in mind. In my excitement to spend the time on break with friends, I didn’t think there’d be any challenges. If you’re breaking routine or going somewhere new, I encourage you to pause beforehand and come up with a game plan. Write it down, if need be! Will exercise make you feel better and give you a break from the family? Bring clothes, and make that a priority (preferably in the morning). Are you wanting to take a break from physical activity, but wanting to spend time catching up on a book? Do you want time away from the internet, or from television? Think of pitfalls that could come up and waylay these goals, and devise a few creative solutions to fall back on if you encounter an obstacle en route.

On a check in for this week’s Pit Stop Monday:

Every time I get on my computer, I want to get on Facebook. It’s habit–my fingers automatically go to open another tab while something is loading to check it. Same thing for my WordPress stats–it’s a default action to get on my account, and if there are no comments or replies to click over to see how many of you viewed my blog today. That fixation is definitely not constructive, so I’m glad this is my special focus this week.

How do you stay happy, healthy, and relaxed when away from your routine?

Do you ever take a break from the Internet, or specific sites? 

15 thoughts on “Eating Well and Exercising . . .On Vacation

  1. Hi Michaela, glad to know you took time out to have fun and give a break for exercising. I feel better, coz I haven’t been able to run or exercise for a week now. Down with bad cold.
    I agree with you about the planning. We need to plan in advance for what we want to do during time spent away, if we want to do something specific. Else, no wrong in lazing around too 🙂

  2. Every once in a while I do “facebook fasts” where I’ll swear myself off of facebook or only tell myself that I can check it once a day for 15 minutes max (which really is more than enough time!!). It can be such a distraction though!

  3. I appreciate the honesty of your blog. It’s so refreshing. (By the way, thanks for noticing KathrynGuacamole.)
    For me, when I take a vacation, I try to remember the importance of relaxation for my body. Letting go of the worries about my specific body health, weight, muscle mass, etc., is all a necessary part of the vacation process. I have to remember that how I look on vacation is exactly what I am trying not to worry about. If my friends care about my extra tummy bulge laying on the beach the morning after a fun night, THEY are the one’s depriving themselves of some uninhibited beach serenity 🙂 This was a great entry. Definitely something we all think about.

  4. I try to do this every night, but especially when I’m away… I take 15 minutes at night to wind down before I sleep, so my body (and mind) can relax. I listen to soothing music, read motivational books, meditate, pray, and I try not to watch disturbing shows on TV.

    I also make sure to take time and stretch before I sleep and after I wake up. Even doing a few light stretches makes such a huge difference in my energy level.

      • Yes I do yoga at home. I wish I could afford to go to a fancy yoga studio with personal instructors though.

        Pilates is great too. But I prefer the peace and balance and acceptance that comes with yoga.

        Which exercise do you prefer?

      • Yes, DVDs are fine with me. Even youtube clips will suffice!

        I’m a stay at home mom to a rambunctious 20 month old toddler so my life is pretty busy. But when I do have some “free moments” I try to squeeze in as much self-nurturing as I can : )

        I have to say, I really enjoy reading your posts!

        Keep up the good work!

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