Pit Stop Mondays

Happy Monday! What a great weekend. Saturday, I worked on a community garden, went for a run, went contra dancing and then to a party for more dancing! While I didn’t get a lot of sleep, I had fun. Gardening+dancing=best exercise EVER! Especially contra. I didn’t realize how physically active it was, but after a few dances I was sweating quite a bit.

Photo: Sean Green

Photo: Sean Green

Then, last night, I cooked several Oh She Glows  recipes with friends for a community dinner: red quinoa black bean salad and itty bitty carrot cake cookies. We also had garlic bread with earth balance and a huge salad with baby greens, apples, and other goodies. It was deliciously successful.


And on to a new feature, which I’m going to call Pit Stop Mondays on my pilgrimage to health. Based loosely on the happiness project, I plan to chronicle mini, one week endeavors intended to improve my emotional, physical, and spiritual health. They’ll serve as check-in points along the route. I have several in mind, involving finances, gratitude, activity, nutrition, and spiritual nourishment. I’m excited!

First on the agenda this week: No negative self talk or comparison to other people, including the person I once was. I talked about  this in my last post , and this week I am making a conscientious effort and refusing to compare myself. It’s been difficult all day. Now that I’m more aware of it, I notice how often I do compare myself with other people–it is an almost hourly occurance. Instead of being critical of those aspects of myself I don’t like, I use every temptation to compare to remind myself that I am beautiful and unique, and my body is healthy and strong.

How do you bite self-criticism in the butt? What did you do this past weekend for your health? 

16 thoughts on “Pit Stop Mondays

  1. Sounds (and looks) like a great weekend! The dishes you made sound just lovely too! This weekend was a family weekend – filled with sunshine and sports! A usual weekend (which I just love!) 🙂

  2. I love the ‘Pit Stop Monday’ idea Michaela! Can’t wait for the coming weeks :). And I love the Oh She Glows blog. The dishes you made look delicious!

    Over the weekend I did a 10km run which was a challenge for students in health care professional programs. It had been a while since I had done that distance so there was a lot of internal struggle and ‘self-talk’ through the whole thing but it ended up being one of the best runs I had!

    • I’m excited for the coming weeks as well! I’ve been brainstorming a lot, and implementing them will be exciting.

      That’s so awesome about your run! I’d like to start racing, myself–it’d be good to have a goal length+date to work towards.

  3. Wow. You look amazing in the pics. And your skin literally glows. Looks like the spring cleaning is taking effect. Or it might just be me! 🙂
    Looking forward to the updates.

      • Unfortunately, I have not been able to completely follow through my plan. Though I’m avoiding stuffing myself, I am not exactly eating healthy. 😦

      • Hey, every positive step is a step in the right direction! Encourage yourself with what you’ve down well (even make a list!) and the positive benefits, and it will help you continue on that path.

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  7. It sounds like you had a great weekend and I love your last paragraph! I fight with the same thing
    everday and sometimes it’s just nice to now that you are not alone! And thanks for liking my
    Big Girl, Big Mouth posting! 🙂

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